Learn to play Korean instruments.

I wrote this up for my radio show and I thought you might be interested. If I was musically inclined, I would probably go to this.

Do the words: 가야금, 징, 복, 아쟁, and 장구 ring a bell? Maybe it should, for they are the names of Korean instruments. And if you ever wanted to learn to play the 가양금, 징, 복, 아쟁, or 장구, then you should sign up for classes at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts. They have classes starting this spring on Saturday, March 7th. For a mere 30,000 won you can 12 lessons at the center and you’ll learn how to play the gamut of Korean instruments.

It’s all pretty amazing and fun. I think I might sign up as well. You can find out more information at the Korean Traditional Performing Arts center website at www.ncktpa.go.kr or e-mail at eric@ncktpa.go.kr again that’s www.ncktpa.go.kr or e-mail at eric@ncktpa.go.kr


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