Yeol Lecture on March 3rd. Lost in Translation: Caption Alert and Naminara Free Festival

Here are some fun events for you this week.

YEOL will have a lecture with Professor Yi Sung-mi tomorrow, March 3rd, at 10:30am at the Seoul Museum of History. Her lecture is entitled: Lost in Translation : Caption Alert. Professor Yi Sung-mi is a Professor Emerita of Art History at the Academy of Korean Studies. You can find out more information on their website at

Naminara Republic Foreigner’s Free Festival

Period: Saturday 28th Feb - Sunday 8th of March 2009 - 9 days
Venues: Special event halls on Nami Island, Chuncheon Province, Korea.
Entry fee: free entrance for all foreigners and immigrants in Korea.
Events: Exhibitions, Performances, International Free Market, Workshops, Cultural Hands-on Experiences

Throughout Asia, Nami Island is famous as the setting for the KBS TV drama ‘Winter Sonata’, and it is renowned as a clean and peaceful place set apart from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

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