Seoul Eats would like to welcome Aaron Falzerano

This blog wouldn't exist if it weren't for its readers and writers. Believe it or not, I can't do this all by myself and I always appreciate other contributors. Plus, I think it keeps the blog from getting stale.

Please read Aaron's article here.

Also, be sure to check out his blog, here.

I agree with Aaron that food is healing. And it's not just for the body but also for the soul. I met a friend the other day and whenever he is home alone or feels out of sorts, he makes bread. He says it reminds him of home. Most of the bread he makes, he gives away. I got one of these rolls and I was so impressed it was artisan made. He told me he had to tweak his ingredients a bit and also become familiar with his oven. He also worked out a system of adding steam to the oven by adding a shallow pot with water in the bottom of the oven and then dropping a smoking hot rock into the pot. The steam would allow the bread to create a crisp crust.

I asked him where he got the rock and he said, Hawaii. He searched the island to find the perfect rock to make his bread. Now that's a foodie. Next time I'm in Hawaii, I'm going to be looking for my bread rock as well.

Aaron, thanks again for contributing to Seoul Eats and thank you readers for reading.


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