Kapsa, new friends and a date

I am now just a student and being a student in Korea is awesome. I am studying Korean over at Sookmyeong University. I'm there everyday from 9 to 1pm and then I do some language exchange and I hang out with some very cool fellow students.

Raimi is a computer programmer from Yemen that is also studying at the school. He is a web genius and he invited me to eat with him.

They made Kapsa. Kapsa is a rice dish that is flavored with caradom, cinnamon, lemon, and some other secret ingredients (I believe that tumeric is in there as well.)

The best part of this dish was that we ate it family style with our hands. We just poured the delicious rice on center of the table and we balled it up with our hands and ate it. Delicious.

Afterwards we had sweet dates with tea.

Man, I love being a student in Korea. I recommend you all try it.


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