Seoul Eats Meet up: Really Good Naengmyeong and Bibimguksu

Hey everyone, I am in the mood for some really good homemade Naengmyeon. If you would like to join me and a couple other readers, please e-mail me at seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com.

We will meet at Eujiro 4-ga exit 8. I'll have to reschedule this...

Here is a write up on the place.

Bibimguksu at Ojangdong Hwung-namjip 비빔국수 at 오장동흥남집: It's all about the noodles and you can't get better or fresher noodles. As you eat, you can look into the kitchen and see the chefs making the noodles on site. One man is back stepping on the buckwheat to soften them up awhile another cuts them. There is a third person back there and I figure he must be laying on the magic because the noodles that I slurped were like gossamer threads. Eating the whole bowl was as if I was taking a breath of cool mountain air after reaching the apex. Yeah, it's a bit spicy, but that's what makes it enlightening.Go to Eujiro 4-ga exit 8 and to straight. At Chunggujeong Intersection (중구청), make a left. Go around the Market entrance and it is opposite Suhyup Bank (수협 은행)2272-7117

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