Rice Cake Orientation this Saturday at 3pm: Insadong

The first rice cake orientation at the Institute for Korean Traditional Foods was a big hit. Sixty-five people came to the orientation and they all had a chance to tour the tteok museum, view a cooking demonstration, and then make their own rice cake. They learned how to make pressed flower rice cake and coffee tteok cake.

This event really showed how international Korea is. There were people from India, Saudi Arabia, Africa, China, Singapore, France, Germany, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Spain, and America in attendance.

The teachers and assistants were all amazing and helpful and in the end, all the students were able to eat what they made.

There will be one more rice cake class this Saturday, April 18th at the Institute of Korean Traditional foods near Changdeok Palace (Jongno 3-ga exit 7). All are invited to come and experience making this Korean delicacy. The classes are free, but the spaces are limited so be sure to make a reservation by calling 741.5477 / 010 4272 1900 or by emailing soochoi1900@paran.com

The classes are only open to non-Korean Nationals (외국사람)

Pass on information to others! And remember this is leading up the rice cake making competition on May 8th and 9th. The first prize winner will win 2 million won. This is an event for all ages and be sure to come to the fair.


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