What The! Fresh Made Deli Meats in Busan

First of all,

Hi my name is Dan and I am addicted to Daveseslcafe

But I only tend to troll around the Buy Sell Section. Tonight, as I was trolling as usual, I came across this post

Hello All,

Happy to to announce the opening of our online sandwich meat shop Nice Deli. We are offering a variety of very nice deli meats at reasonable prices, such as:

Roast Beef
Turkey Breast
Italian Salami
and more. . .

Please visit our site, www.NiceDeli.com, to see all our Products, read our FAQ and Ordering pages before posting questions. Cold Cuts are available to buy in cash at O'Brien's (Busan) , or you can order online. Delivery only for larger orders (FREE). Right now we are just trying to see what kind of customer base there is and which meats people prefer. We welcome any and all constructive feedback and suggestions.


Nice Deli


*Please note the site must be viewed in either a Fire Fox, Google Chrome or Opera web browser (I think Safari also works). Sorry for any inconvenience, we're working to get it viewable in Internet Explorer soon.

So then I went to the site and all of it looks fairly legit and nice. I'm not a huge fan of the Borat picture, but I believe in their mission. Here is what their site says:
Scott McMaster & Paul Ostrowski, two expats trying to make the most out of lunch, watching our comrades struggle to find quality deli meats at a reasonable price. Finally a break through, we provide you with the opportunity to take your sandwich to the next level!

They've got Salami, Turkey Breast, Mortadella, Germain Beir Ham, Pepperoni, and Capicola. Prices range from 5,900 ($4.47 US) for 250g / 9oz. It's not bad for Korea. Plus, you can take an extra dollar off now in celebration of their opening.

Cool. Cool. Cool. But is it as good as my homemade peppered pork loin?

Further investigation is needed.

Check out Nice Deli!


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