Beware the man in black selling Ginseng Liquor

I was over by Jongno 3-ga exit 5 and it's a place that time has forgotten. I love the look of it and the people are not your designer clothes wearing hipsters. No. They are the real Koreans.

Anyway, so I saw this ZZ top looking grandfather dressed in black and he had this big ole' kimchi pot on wheels. Around him were lobster faced men. Periodically, the ZZ-top looking man would put his red ladle into the kimchi pot and pour a libation for someone in is circle.

When I went over, I could smell the earthy herbacious scent of ginseng and the nostril burn of alcohol.

On my first pass, I decided against it. The second time I went by, I purchased a plastic bottle of the stuff. Pretty pricy at 20,000 a bottle. After I bought it, he warned me it was strong stuff and told me only to drink a thimble's full.

Well, that night Fatmanseoul and I shared the bottle and I have no memories of what happened that evening.

On a side note, I ended up with bruises on my forearm and a scratch on my neck.


The moral of this story is: Beware of ZZ-Top looking Grandfathers serving Ginseng Liquor out of Kimchi Pots.

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