Robyn Lee from Serious Eats is flying in Today!


So, I am waiting at the Incheon Airport for Robyn Lee from and The Girl Who Ate Everything to come in. It's been a month of planning to this point. For the past year and a half I have been living in Korea and I have been writing about and promoting Korean food. Last month the Institute of Traditional Korean Food approached me and asked me to help them prepare for the Rice Cake Fair that they are holding on Friday and Saturday.

I saw the rice cake fair as an opportunity to really promote Korea in a new way. In this day and age, traditional media is failing. Newspapers are dying off and it is the same with radio and television. So what is there? There's the Internet. And through this, a new kind of marketing is happening. Now with a only a small team of people large scale projects can be accomplished.

Let me take the time to thank Terry Rah and Soo Hyang Choi from the Institute of Traditional Korean Food. I also would like to thank Dr. Yoon Sook-ja for making this possible.

Tomorrow Rachel Yang from Seattle will be flying in. I can't wait to meet her. Her food and her story sounds amazing. I plan on taking them around to the best that Seoul has to offer. I just wish we had more time.

Well, 20 minutes to go. I'll be sure to keep you posted on the upcoming foodie adventures. We are planning to go meet Mr. Paul Schenks of the COEX Intercontinental Hotel and Chef Hickey of the Walker Hill Hotel. Also, Robyn is on the hunt for French Fry Encrusted Hot Dogs and Gelato. Rachel is back home after many years.

Oh, and you'll be able to hear Robyn speak on Wednesday on Drivetime (tbs eFM radio 101.3FM) with Sam and Annabelle at 4pm. Rachel will be on the Evening Show with Sid Kim at 7:oo on Thursday.

And Yann Kerloch and Gilles Collot will be filming their adventures for a documentary.

I don't plan on sleeping.


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