The Daily Kimchi's Review of a Vegetarian Restaurant in Seoul

I was doing a little research and I came across the Daily Kimchi's review of this vegetarian restaurant near Sinsa Station. Does anyone know if it still exists? Also, contact information would be appreciated.

Here's the Daily Kimchi:

Any vegetarians out there? Any vegetarians out there in South Korea?
Recently, one of our coworkers asked us if we'd want to join her at a vegetarian
restaurant located at Sinsa Station, near Apgujeong.

We decided to make it anadventure and last weekend we made the long trek to eat some...veggies.
I have never visited a vegetarian restaurant before, as I am a pure carnivore at heart(Veggies have feelings too when you cut them up...)!

Anyways, we finally made it to our destination, a vegetarian restaurant that was recommended by one of the Seoul tourism websites. What we saw when we went in was not very appetizing. We either came at the wrong time of day, or they just weren't busy enough to keep their "buffet" stocked with fresh items. It was not a memorable meal, but since it was only 6000w per person we decided to give it a go anyways!

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