Gyeong Ju Restaurant Recommendations

Hey all,

I am doing a quick post on Gyeong Ju (or Kyung Ju) while it is fresh in my mind. These are some of the best restaurants and bars that I've found in Gyeong ju so far.

All the cool kids and University students hang out in Sunggungdong. If you are trying to find it tell the taxi driver Dongdae Sagaree (동대사거리).

1. 미깡 It's the classiest Japanese style joint you'll find in the area. The food and side dishes are great and they have live octopus. 010-3537-2208
2. S Multi-cultural Creative Space. It's a wine bar that has brick igloo like enclosures for each section. The wine prices are reasonable (20-80,000) and the snacks are alright. 054-772-7979

Downtown and around the Tombs

Downtown is near the touristy areas so you should definitely check it out if you are looking to go shopping or see some sights.
1. 이풍녀 구로쌈밥(Guro Ssambap) This is the most famous Ssambap restaurant in the area. They will cover your entire table with side dishes, lettuce and fresh greens. It's an impressive array of food. Check out the exotic collection of birds they have as well. 054-749-0600
2. Buzz Coffee. I used to go to this place all the time when I lived in Gyeong Ju. They make a decent cup of Joe and the owner is super kind.
3. Sabrina. Great cafe and cafe shop. We got a Raspberry Cake that was shaped like a taco. It had an angelcake like layer with fresh cream on top. Very high quality for being only 3,500 won. 054-742-0009

Bomun Lake
1. 맷돌순두부 (Maetdol Sundubu). This is the best Sundubu place in the city and the most famous. They have excellent sidedishes like a pumpkin shrimp dish. The sundubu is freshly made and has a rustic texture. This is an excellent breakfast place and opens early. We went at 10am. It may be open 24 hours. 054-745-2791.

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