Korea to change spelling of Instant Coffee to acknowledge Korea's Unique Food Culture

Ha! Dokdo is ours is absolutely Hilarious!!!!

When I read this, I almost fell off my toilet and....opps way too much information.

The guy above is Mr. Chang Tae-pyeong and he's the guy that decided to change the spelling of dukkbokki to tobokki. Yeah...I don't agree with it. I mean Korea already has problems with the romanizations of names and he wants to make it even more confusing.

Well here is what Dokdo is Ours had to say in their parody

In order to rebrand Korean coffee and increase recognition of this unique Korean drink, we have decided it is time to differentiate our unique five-thousand year old drink from other drinks worldwide. From now on, we will not spell it "Instant Coffee" but "Insutanteu Coppee" to show the unique Koreanness of what was once called "Instant Coffee".

We think it is time to establish this unique brand of Korean coffee: it is sweeter than other countries' coffee, and convenient, because it is instant, reflecting modern Korea's quick economic development, and showing Korea's ancient culture of speedy, low-quality work. It is only through efforts like this that Korea will truly enter the world stage.
Go here for the rest.

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