Let's Show Robyn Lee Some Love

Robyn posted this on Seriouseats the other day and I know I'm not the only person in Seoul that reads seriouseats or her own personal blog. She and I have been going on crazy food adventures and I need some people to show her around today. If you are interested give her a ring and show her around. So far we have eaten:
hoduk, lots of rice cakes, lotteria, twotwo chicken, the grand prix pizza from Mr. Pizza, Old style teokbokki, we ate dinner with Chef Schenks at the Intercontinental Hotel at the COEX, patbingsu, samcheongdong sujebi, bossam, dongshim galbi, and...probably other stuff I can't recall right now. So...read the post below and help Robyn out. I think she'll be ready to go around 1pm.

If you are coming to the tteok fair in Yangjae, look for me. I'll be helping out there all day. Rachel will be giving her food demonstration at 1pm so be sure to come for that. She is making Ricecake moussaka, Oxtail Ragout, and Makkoli Sabayon.


International Tteok Fair in Seoul This Friday and Saturday

For all you rice cake lovers in South Korea, here's a reminder that the 7th Annual Tteok Fair starts tomorrow, Friday, and runs through Saturday, in Seoul. There will be an international rice cake competition, rice cake–tasting sessions, rice cake–making demonstrations, and more. I'll be at the fair on both days and would love to meet some serious eaters. If it's too hard to spot the short, Asian girl lugging around a dSLR, you can call my cell at 010-8061-5215.

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