Life O' Dan: A Great Blog from Down Under (Korea)

I was randomly searching for food posts on Korean food and I came across Life O' Dan's blog and I really enjoyed reading it. He also has a great video that he made. 


A Food Lover's Paradise?

I must say that when I arrived in Korea the initial thing I felt when I tried the food was that it was too spicy. It was only a ramen bowl as well. I couldn't even finish it. The only feeling in my mouth was burning pepper. It wasn't only the spice that took me by surprise, the bigger surprise was the fact that the food was spicy in Korea. I had no idea, as most people do when they saunter through Incheon Airport starting a new Korean adventure. Anyway, just so you know alot of the dishes in Korea are really quite spicy, so just be aware before you come here. You might want to do some spice tolerance training before you come here. Maybe try the spicier salsas in your neighborhood taquerias, or opt for a spicier Pad Thai at the local Thai noodle house. However, there are plenty of non-spicy dishes as well. Additionally, if you decide to stay here a while you will be surprised how quickly the body is able to adapt the spiciness. What's even better is that the longer you stay to build a spice tolerance, your knowledge of the different foods available also drastically grows. This means one quickly realizes how much food is truly available in this country, and how incredibly affordable it is to boot. The upshot of this means that you can eat every meal daily in a restaurant, not cook and basically not worry about having to drain your bank account.

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