Take A Cooking Class Next Monday at the Institute of Korean Traditional Foods

Hey all,

I know I keep on mentioning the Institute of Korean Traditional foods (www.kfr.or.kr), but it is for good reason. They have been doing so much for the expat community that we should help support them as well. There is something that I really wanted to tell you about happening on Monday

On Monday, May 11th at 3pm we will offer a free Korean Food Making Class for International people. The class will be taught at the Institute of Korean Traditional Foods and in the class you will learn how to make a full Korean meal. Rachel Yang from Joule Restaurant and Robyn Lee of Seriouseats.com will be in attendance as well. The menu will be:

Spinach Side dish
Bean Sprout Side Dish
Red Pepper Chicken Stirfry (닭갈비볶음)
Rice Cake dessert with ice cream.

Spots are limited for this class. Please reserve your spot by sending an e-mail to seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you,

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