A whole lotta food for 5,000 won

Recession my ass. For 5,000 won you can usually go into any Korean restaurant and get a feast. This place is called 전남회수산 and it is right down the street from the Institute for Korean Traditional Foods . If you want to find it just go to Jongno 3-ga (Lines #3,5) exit 7. Walk straight for a block and cross the street. You'll see tanks with fish out frong. The food is good. For lunch I just had the 알 탕 (Al Tang). This is a spicy fish soup that has fish eggs in it. It's great for cold days. Now accompanying this main dish came a plethora of side dishes. We had some grilled mackerel, fried fish cake noodles, kimchi, two pieces of sushi, a spicy turnip kimchi. It's just amazing you can get all this for so little.

영진수산 (Yeong Jin Su San)

02 747 1868

서울시 종로구 묘동 139-1

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