Wolfhound Renovations - Closing Dates

Dear Wolfhound Customers and Friends --
As you may have heard we will be closing the Wolfhound Pub & Restaurant for renovations. Mairead-- will you be ok? We will be closed for 10 days from Monday May 18 to Wednesday May 27 if all goes according to plan. Which it probably won't. We will keep you up to date. If you want to know about our renovations and plans for a new menu then keep reading.....

Our renovations will include:
- restroom expansion (1 extra stall and sink for the women and 2 extra urinals for the men)
- kitchen expansion
- upstairs bar expansion (it will be expanded & moved away from the bathrooms & the dj booth will be built inside it)
- new stairs
- new ventilation/duct system

As well as bringing back our homemade chips and the 2 for 1 Fish & Chips night we plan to introduce some new dishes to our menu.

Again if all goes according to plan we plan to serve:
- curry chips
- a veggie burger
- a club sandwich
- a BLT sandwich
- a tomato pasta
- a cream pasta
- a vegetarian thai green curry
- steak and eggs

Our chef has prepared and tested all these new items and we plan to a have "soft" launching of the new menu items in June to receive feedback fom our customers and fine tune these new dishes. If you have any suggestions about new or existing dishes please let us know.

We may also introduce another weekly food special (similar to our 2 for 1 Fish n Chips) promoting our second most popular menu item our beef burger. Stay tuned.


From the Wolfhound
DaHae, Wayne, SoYeon and Mark

R.I.P. 승우 (Jonny DJ)

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