I want Pyeongando Jokbal right now

I woke this morning with a craving for Pyeongando Jokbal. I guess in a way I did dream about pigs. So in my dream, I was flying and there were pigs flying above me- they didn't have wings; they ran on the clouds.

A group of them- they were running in a V formation- got very close to me and when they touched me they fell in a horrific free fall. It was as if they had transformed from light as air pigs into 100 ton weights.

You would think that they would run away, but no. They all swarmed upon me and each one that touched me with their snout, trotter, tail, tongue, etc...would fall instantly. I was ashamed to have had a part in the pig decimation, so I decided to stop flying and let myself fall to my death.

I went faster and faster and further and further and then I crash landed on a huge pile of soft, marinated pig trotters.

I wonder what my dream means?

Anywho, here's information on Pyeongando Jokbal from visitkorea.or.kr

"Pyeongando Jokbal" Jokbal that melts in your mouth

This Jokbal Street restaurant has a history of over 50 years, and the elderly white-haired proprietor has been running the business the entire time. Basketball players who had a game at the Jangchung Gymnasium visited the restaurant. When it first opened, the price of jokbal was 150 won and the bindaetteok, 10 won. Back then, the food was a luxury that students couldn’t even dream of buying, but now everyone can afford it. The taste of jokbal here is special: first because the trotters are transported to the restaurant immediately, and also because of the restaurant’s unique broth. The meat is extremely chewy and the delicately flavored fat melts in your mouth like ice cream. For a treat that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else, the owner hints that the large serving is much more delicious than the small one.

Detailed information>
☞ Business hours: 12:00~23:30
☞ Closed on: New Year’s Day,
Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)
☞ Phone: (02) 2279-9759
☞ Menu: Large serving of jokbal: 30,000 won/
Medium serving of jokbal: 25,000 won/
Small serving of jokbal: 20,000 won/
Bindaetteok: 5,000 won/
Makguksu (buckwheat noodles): 5,000 won
☞ How to get there: Take subway 3 and get off at Dongguk University. Go out exit 3
and walk around 150 meters and you will see the restaurant on the right.

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