Cafe Presse in Seattle Washington

Oh Seattle, how I love thee.

Beth and I decided to check out a place that is a favorite among Seattlelites (or should I call them Satellites?). Cafe Presse serves French Bistro cuisine at reasonable prices- here you can be haute on a budget. The menu is all in French, so I had Beth order so I wouldn't butcher the menu. We ordered Cafe Vita coffee to start. We asked our waitress the popular dishes in the area and then we ordered a Croque Monsieur, Salade aux asperges, and Demi-poulet froid Mayonnaise.

Let me translate in American.

We ordered a ham and cheese sandwich, Asparagus with goat cheese and pinenuts, and a half chicken served with a salad of arugula and sweet pea salad.

The food was superb- especially the Salade aux asperges. The crunchy stalks were juicy and tasted like crystalized sunshine. The crusted cheese on the sandwich was smoky and crisp; and the cold half chicken was the perfect dish for late brunch on a Sunday afternoon. This is a dish that I imagine what the picnickers were eating in this George Seurat painting.

I definitely recommend you check it out if you are in Seattle.


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