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Fatman Seoul Speaks
By Fatman Seoul

Restaurant Review : Comedor

Seoul has an amazingly diverse range of restaurants that cater to all kinds of tastes, but the area south of North America has been shockingly underrepresented. Things are looking up (or is that down south?) though with a spate of newer places looking to bring cuisine from Central and South America to those living south of the DMZ. Comedor, specializing in empanadas, has moved from street stall digs on the main drag of Itaewon to the alley immediately to the south.
Start your gastric juices with a gigantic herbal tea, terere. You’ll get a small wooden cup filled with unidentifiable but fragrant herbs, and a gigantic barrel of water you take from the spout and let brew for a few minutes before slurping through the straw/strainer provided. One serving of this refreshment is enough for three adults, without ever finding the bottom of the pot.

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