Korean Food

Again, this article was in the June issue of Groove Magazine. I am currently the dining editor for the magazine. You can find copies all over Seoul, Daegu, Busan, and Jeollado. If you are interested in contributing to Groove Magazine's Dining section, please contact me at seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com


육개장 (yukgaejang)/ Spicy Beef Soup
Yukgaejang is a spicy soup boiled with shredded beef and various vegetables such as green onion, fern brake, mung bean sprouts, and taro stalks. It is hearty, thick soup often eaten in the summer because it helps recover physical strength.

신선로 (sinseollo)/ Royal Hot Pot
Sinseollo has a variety of meat, fish, and vegetables intricately arranged by color in a round ceremonial brass bowl. This vibrant arrangement is cooked in a rich broth. This dish was originally enjoyed by the royalty.

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