Random Pics: Hummus, Burgers, The Wolfhound, Ramen, and Chicken

I have been taking all of these photos and I just realized that I haven't put them up on the web yet. Here's what I've got. With exception of the Dakgalbi, the restaurants are all located in Itaewon.

First, you've got Hummus from Petra's Shwarma Shop.

The Jack Burger from the Bistro Corner. Yum...

The Wolfhound has reopened and the bathrooms are excitingly nice. Go drink a beer in there now.

Ramen from 81. They have the best Japanese style ramen in the city and if you eat the huge, huge bowl in 20 minutes; it's on the house.

Dakgalbi near Sookmyeong. I took my friend Jonathon there and he loved it. Yum

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