Photoblog: Fortune Cookies in San Fran's Chinatown

Here is the front gate to San Francisco's Chinatown. There is a huge contrast between the stylish and unified San Francisco street to...

This hodge-podge of colors and signs. Ok. maybe this picture doesn't really illustrate what I mean. I really like the perspective here.

Here are the classic red lanterns on the building.

The woman's shirt is very interesting here. It reads Uardian/ Heavens/ +ching B/ Lead Me.

Kids in the toy store.

Cheri and I are about to go to the very famous Chinese Cookie shop.

Here we see the woman making the cookings. The machine will bake the flat cookies and while they are still hot, she'll use the metal stick and pull down on the sides.

and that's how she gives the cookie the classic shape. Someone else will insert the fortunes after they have cooled.

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