Photoblog: The Korean Taco Truck in Seoul

Don't worry, the 3 chefs have their clothes on.

Here they are. They speak English well and I think they might have studied overseas.

W4,000 won gets you a beef taco, chicken taco, or chili dog. It's not bad for Itaewon. Oh and look! They have all the spelling right.

Here is their piquant salsa. It is definitely homemade.

The finished taco is overflowing with goodness. You can catch the Naked Chef Taco truck in Itaewon on Friday and Saturday Nights. They usually park in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.

If you see a puke yellow truck passing through Itaewon with "Naked Chef" written on the side, don't puke. They serve up some pretty mean tacos with homemade sauces and salsas.


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