Korean Food Focus Group Wanted for Sobahn Cafe

or "Aza Free Food and I can bitch about it if I want to." I'll be there. Who else is coming. They are looking for 9 good people.


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IMMEDIATE: Restaurant Focus Group Volunteers Wanted

August 10, 2009 at 3:55 pm · Filed under Event

LATEST UPDATE: The time in Korea requirement has been dropped. You can be a part of the panel no matter how long you have lived in Korea.

Cafe Sobahn, part of CJ Foodville, is testing new concepts and needs expats' opinions. Here are the requirements:

* Age 26-35


8/15 (Saturday) or 8/16 (Sunday), Evening
Café Sobahn at Seoul National University


Yong Tae Kim

NOTE: After you contact Mr. Kim, he will give you more details about time and directions to the restaurant.

UPDATE: Here are more details.

* Date & Time: 8/15 (Saturday) at 18:00 (6:00PM)
* Location: Café Sobahn at Seoul National University
* Directions: Located within the Graduate School of
Natural Sciences building, 1F (large modern
looking building made predominately of red
The building is located about 300 meters
from the main front gate – best to take
a cab from the Number 2 Green Line subway
Seoul National University station.
Parking is available.

* Number of People needed: 12
* Need the following information:
1) Name 2) Age 3) Sex 4) Nationality 5) Race 6) Occupation
7) Period living in Korea 8) Contact: Cellphone & Email

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