Seoul Eats Comic: The Naked Grill in Hannam dong

It opens tomorrow and I was recently invited for a pre-opening party. I got to meet the chef and he's a great guy with a revolutionary concept. Actually, it's revolutionary for Seoul because he wants to offer good food made with fresh ingredients at reasonable prices.

Mind blowing isn't it? Check out the comic. I'll have more pics soon. He opens tomorrow and he's across from the KEB in hannam-dong (near Danguk University.) If you are taking the 110 bus from Sinsa, it'll stop right by there. If you are in a cab then ask them to take you to UN Village.

Naked Grill. English Spoken (fluently). Prices start at 4,000 won.

Here's a post on the Naked Chef Taco Truck in Seoul

Here is a map in the general direction. It's across from the KEB in Hannam-dong.

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