Lost in Translation: Pierre Gagnaire on Korean Food Globalization

The Michelin three-star chef highlighted Korean roasted meat as prime candidates as the face of hansik.

``Galbi (beef ribs) and bulgogi (seasoned beef) would be competitive enough internationally,'' he said. ``The Korean serving style, offering many side dishes on one table, can stimulate both foreigners' eyes and tastebuds.''

Bibimbap (rice topped with assorted vegetables) is another Gagnaire's believes can become popular.
``Bibimbap is an inexpensive and harmonious dish, just like Koreans,''
he said.

He added that Koreans should try to elevate the status of bibimbap and find out the features that can appeal more to non-Koreans. ``It is the duty for Korean chefs to find out what they are,'' he added.

Hahaha. Inexpensive and Harmonious Dish, just like Koreans.

Here's the original post:

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