What the Foodies are Craving

These following people are writers for the Groove Dining Section in Groove Magazine. I asked them to what they were craving this month and here are their recommendations. Hey, if you would like to submit what you're craving, simply post them in the comments section and I'll get them put in next month's issue of the Groove.

Also, Groove magazine is always looking for foodie writers. If you know of a place that you passionately want to recommend or not recommend, let me know. You can e-mail me at seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com.


1. Star Chef in Yangjae for its sublime kimchi and pork and the fabulous deep fried whole fish.
2. Dwenjang Yesul in Daehangno for its rich and chunky soy bean soup.
3. Samarikant in Dongdaemun for lamb, lamb and more lamb!
Paul Matthews

1. Naked Grill in Hannamdong- great tacos and sandwiches.
2. Samgyetang at Nonhyeon Samgyetang- the soup is silky and invigorating. Afterwards, you feel like a fireball.
3. Jung Shik Dang. Did you see the comic in this issue? The food is amazing.
Dan Gray

1.Los Amigos in Itaeweon for fresh salsa, warm chips and over the top Mexican ambiance.
2. Back alley food vendors in Namdaemun Market for cheap but tasty Korean food.
3. Wolfhound pub in Itaewon for fantastic mojitos and great pub food.
Chalica Pack

1. Empanadas from Comedor in Itaewon, warm pockets of pure goodness, ay, que sabrosa!
2. Kang's Rice Balls near Sookmyung University and Ewha Women's University - stuffed with anything you like and rolled right in front of your eyes, the healthiest, tastiest meal 1700 won can buy.
3. Fish and yam wedge chips with hot wasabi mayo, Berlin, Itaewon - these definitely do not belong served on a bed of newspaper.
Bryan Fox

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