Comic Artist needed to globalize Korean food. Paid Job.

I just got an interesting project. Right now, a government affiliated organization is looking to make a comic illustration book that will demonstrate how to eat Korean food. The style of the comic will like Calvin and Hobbes- so it will explain how to eat Korean food in a whimsical, process-oriented manner. The audience members would be people who have never experienced eating Korean food before.

For example, bibimbap.

Panel 1: The main character looks at a bowl of bibimbap filled with all sorts vegetables, egg, etc. The main character says, "How do I eat this?" An middle aged female server (an ajumma) in the background looks concerned and confused.

Panel 2: The main character says, "I'll eat the toppings first. Sigh...the lettuce doesn't taste good plain." The ajumma looks shocked and rushes over.

Panel 3: In a whirlwind fashion, the ajumma mixes everything up, while the main character says, "What are you doing?"

Panel 4: The main character eats and looks very happy, "This is delish. Everything tastes better blended." The ajumma looks happy. FINISH.

This comic will be distributed around the world for people to learn how to eat. If you are interested in applying for this position, please look at the following requirements. The comic will be 12 pages and we are looking for someone immediately. The project will run from as soon as possible to October 20th.

1: You must currently live in Seoul and be available to meet with the managers of the project at least once a week.
2. Be able to meet deadlines.
3. Have a general knowledge of Korean foods and how to eat them.
4. Have experience in drawing comics and designing interesting characters.

If you are interested, please send an introduction, a resume, salary requirements and samples of your work to Dan Gray If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address.

Thank you,


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