Herb Island - Jeonju

Herb Island is a lovely little restaurant precariously located at the entrance to Jinbuk tunnel in Jeonju. The place is only part restaurant however. The rest seems to be an alternative treatment centre with certificates all over the walls for aromatherapy and Indian head massage. The aromatherapy aspect is continued in the restaurant with herbs and herbaceous material forming the core of the menu. Today I ate the salad-flower-rice (셀러드 꽃 밥) and it was incredibly...flowery.

They also have kal guk soo and galbi and those kind of things but the flowery rice is a spectacle and is worth a visit.

After the meal you get a complementary cup of peppermint tea and a dab of eucalyptus oil on the back of your neck in the cafe come herby product shop upstairs.


허브 아일랜드

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