CLOSED Quick Bites: Manna Teriyaki

If every time you ate it was a gastronomic, tongue enlightening experience, then food wouldn't be special. Special would simply be mundane. Now I don't have anything exceptionally good or bad to say about Manna Teriyaki. All I can say is that it has a convenient location (near gyeongmidan and down from Taco Taco, Chili Chili); it is decently priced (6,500 to 9,900 won); the place is clean, the service is fast, and the food is well prepared. It's a place to go for a quiet lunch or simple dinner.

Sorry, but Dongkas are nothing new to Seoul and it is a staple for many people in the city. Now I will say that what makes Manna Teriyaki stand out is their skill in preparation and their food quality. Their Chicken Katsu (7,000 won) has a crispy crust and the meat is moist. The dish came is a subtle, slightly tart teriyaki sauce for dipping.

Another time, I ordered the Tuna Teriyaki (8,500). I thought I would get a thin cut of tuna, but I got a steak that had a crispy exterior and a flakey interior. Another time, I ordered a Chicken and Shrimp Teriyaki (8,900) for takeout and again it was a nice meal. All of their meals come with a salad, Korean style pickles, and a side of rice.

Overall, this is a laid back place that you can go to time and time again and be sure that you'll get a good meal at a decent price.

Phone: 02-749-9297
Directions: Go out Noksopyeong Station Exit 2 and walk straight till you come to a tunnel so you can cross to the other side. Go out the right side of the tunnel and you'll find Manna Teriyaki about 100 meters on your right.

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