Korean sandwiches take another turn for the worse

Having waxed somewhat lyrically about sandwiches before, which included an article on this very site about the dreaded 'Korean Toast', I feel compelled to mention my most recent sandwich related discovery (read nightmare).

As if romanising 'Flakes' with a 'ㅎ' isn't bad enough, Post, the producer of breakfast cereals in Korea, have decided that they are qualified to offer advice on how to make sandwiches. It is common practice on many products nowadays to offer a serving suggestion, but surely cereal is exempt from this, isn't it? I mean how many ways can you eat cereal, at least how many ways that are a legitimate attempt to eat a filling breakfast? Cornflake and jam tarts, however delicious, are not a legitimate attempt and neither are rice crispy cakes.

One morning recently, as I was eating a bowl of cereal, I happened to glance at the back of the box. There was a huge picture of a toasted sandwich that contained peanut butter, bananas and almond cereal, all drizzled in honey. The funniest part of this monstrous, sandwichy nightmare is the attempt to legitimise this abomination of a sandwich by sitting it on a sprig of lettuce.

Will Koreans never learn.

Please leave the sandwich alone, the Earl would be so upset, even if Elvis wouldn't.

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