The Mysterious Madame Fork Reviews NOA and Zelen

I might have a stalker situation on my hands because I received this e-mail yesterday and she went to the same restaurants that I went to in the last week. Hmmm...I hope she looks like this:

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Chew on This
by the Madame Fork

I am not a food critic, gourmet cook, food expert or a wine connoisseur. I don’t know the exact words for certain ingredients and flavors and all the other tiny details. What I do know, is what I and many of my friends enjoy when it comes to eating out and I have lived in Korea for almost a decade now and always keen to try the changes Korea is making  when it comes to food! So this column is dedicated to the honest(maybe too honest) opinion of places to eat. Check it out and make your own assumptions. Here are mine! Oh by the way ! I am doing this as a mystery person so the restaurants have NO idea that I am writing up about them. Surprise!

Zesty Brunch  at Noa, Haebongchon
This is a new addition to the street and definitely in keeping with the facelift the area is getting. I had the weekend brunch special that came with three mini-mini hamburgers(very cute), eggs and bacon served on asparagus with some orange rind. The presentation was excellent and for a moment there I was suspended in time from Korea. It was a weird combination for me but it tasted quite delightful. My friend had a Caesar salad. It wasn’t the best Caesar salad in town but it was a good portion and definitely satisfying. I did not care much for the flourless cake. I think a fruit substitute would have been better. After a big Saturday nite out , it was nice to sip on some coffee and people watch . I am confident that they will find their  signature  style with practice.

Meatballs and Men at Zelen, Itaewon
This is a gem tucked away on the back streets  of Itaewon.  You are greeted by gorgeous Bulgarian men with great smiles and a classy service. I wish they were on the menu! The cool and fresh greek salad cooled me down. The lentil soup is a MUST! Perfectly put together. The meatballs were seasoned well and served on oven roasted potatoes. What more do you need?  Oh well! Bulgarian yogurt with caramel sauce and walnuts. I was in heaven! Service is very important to me. I know how hard I worked as a waitress to make sure that the customers were happy. Here at Zelen , they were attentive, cleaned out ashtrays immediately and went out of their way to make our experience enjoyable. Girls you will love the Bulgarian boys!

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