◆ Halloween Party & New Club Function Pre-Opening! ◆

Be Bad this Halloween with Benefit Cosmetics, and party it up with bad girls and bad boys!
Upscale Boutique Club Function has undergone major renovation and now will be twice as large and classy.
Free alcohol will be given out at random intervals! Best costume award & Best Bad Boy & Bad Girl award will be given out as well.
Free entrance if you sign up with Nodus at http://www.theNodus.com
◆ Registration ◆
- Free Cover (KRW 20,000) if you sign up for Guestlist Before Oct 30th on http://www.theNodus.com
◆ Party Details ◆
- Date: Sat, October 31st 2009
- Time: 10pm - 4am
- Venue: New Boutique Club Function
- DJ Lineup: Layy / Byul / Swerve
- Entrance: 20,000 (+1 free drink)
- Free if you sign up on the guestlist before Oct 30th
◆ Table Reservation ◆
For table reservation, please call: 010-6339-0187

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