The Korean Words of the Day:낙천적이 and 창작력

Hmmm... I know not food related, but the last post I did on this was one of the
top hits of the day so I want to continue with these types of posts.
I feel that language is very important and it is very revealing about
the culture as well.


Now I don't know how much of this was lost in translation. First of
all I should probably tell you that I am taking Korean classes at a
university. I go five days a week and I have made alot of progress in
my Korean. It really has made my life in Korea much better. Anyway
today's class was quite interesting because we discussed the type of
people we were attracted to. Apparently, I am attracted to women that
are positive 낙천적이. I also seem to like women that are creative 창작
력. The teacher told me I should date artists 예술원. A very
interesting word I learned today was 4차원. This means that I like
people that think unconventionally.

I think this is such a great word: 4차원. It means that people that think in
the fourth dimension.

3차원 means you think regulaly. 2차원 means two etc.
Oh, and I don't like 애교 women(really cutesy fake Korean girls that
yell oppa in a nasally high voice). The teacher and classmates started
to talk that way for the rest of the class for fun. It was quite

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