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Kebab at PashaWhen I have the time and make it into Itaewon to handout, it usually involves drinking, eating, drinking and then kebabs. Sunday night had kebab at two places: Pasha and Anakara Picnic (I had not been in Itaewon in a while so i decided to indulge. I guess you could say it is one of […]
Full Metal Chopsticks: Ultimate Korea tour videoI am hoing through my old videos and compiling them to make fun travel videos. Here is a mix of all the great places you can go, things you can do and foods you can eat in Korea. If you need help planning your own travel adventure let me know![youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dEqba95MoM] This blog pressed using […]
KFC Upgrades the Doubledown with a Bacon BurgerKorea has upgraded the doubledown sandwich by adding a burger, bacon and cheese. You can make it a set for only 6,900 won. Do you think Korea is on its way to obesityland? Solbing had added sweet potatoes with mozzerella cheese and cheese to rice bars. Korea’s love of adding cheese to everything is going […]
Peach Cobbler from Linus ‘Bama-style BBQLast night i went Linus’ awesome BBQ place in Itaewon. We just had drinks because we got there late and the kitchen was shutting down. Actually they were like out of everything. I had Old Fashion drink and that was pretty good and they gave us some peach cobbler. It tasted like the south and […]
Korean Tasty Road ExhibitionO’ngo Food Communications in conjunction with the Korean Blue House, Cheongwadae, has made a special food museum for travelers to Korea that showcases the food culture of Korea through a series of exhibitions. The story of Korean food is told through creative dioramas and multi-media exhibitions. There will be exhibitions depicting historical foods such as from […]

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