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Video: Korea is hot and bubbling!If you like hot foods then check out this video: Here is a compilation of foods and other fun stuff (like soju bombs). Thanks for watching, Dan from Seouleats.com Daniel GrayDaniel Gray is a Korean adoptee and entrepreneur that returned to Korean in 2005 because he wanted to try and find his birth mother and […]
Photoblog: Street Food By Michelle MinThese were photographs of street food by my friend Michelle Min. You can see her work over at Touch. Taste. Design http://www.touchtastedesign.com/ Dduk Galbi (떡갈비) Hodduk (호떡) and yes, everyone eats it w/ that much intensityHappy family of fried corn dogsFried hot dog bun with loads of ketchup and mayoBulgogi stuffed bunRoasted pig Korean style (drool)The infamous […]
Guest Post: Two Naengmyeon Restaurants You Must Try!written and photographed by Michelle Min   So while living in New York my friends and I were constantly looking for the Naengmyeon with the best broth. The simple reason being, there isn’t much in a Naengmyeon, it’s made of beef broth, noodles and a hard boiled egg. The simpler something is it’s harder to […]
Recent food trends and the trouble with Cass BeerKorea is the land if foodies and the people and the media are constantly talking about food. The focus of the food is how it is trendy and new or the health benefits it has. There has been a backlash against power bloggers as they are being criticized by the “netizens (Korean Citizens on the […]
Read Birth Of Korean Cool by Euny HongOne of my the most enjoyable projects I worked on last year was with author Euny Hong on her book “The Birth of Korean Cool.” I and a team of people, most notably TH Lee, helped arrange interviews and we did research for the book. The book has been released to many favorable reviews including […]

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