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Korean Food Crimes (microwaved bagels and sweet garlic bread)  I Love Korea for the most part but some aspects really peeve me off especially when in the morning. I love western breakfast and it is so hard to get a decent one here that doesn’t cost me 12 usd for some eggs, Hashbrowns and some fricken bacon. Geez…   Anyway, Dunkin Donuts really […]
Brew 3.14 Update: The NeighborsOur small little pub in the back alleys of Ikseongdong had done well. It is filled most nights and we are planning on opening during the day. We have a good group of regulars that come frequently and business is steady. All seems right, right? Wrong. The neighbors complain more and more as we emerge […]
Video: Full Metal Chopsticks Ep 1: A Newbies Guide to Korean FoodThis is Daniel Gray from Seoul Eats. Full Metal Chopsticks is my new video series on all the great Korean food you can eat in Korea. I’m a food guide and writer in Korea, so it is my job to help you find all the best eats. In this first episode I am introducing safe […]
Video: The Ice Bucket Challenge at Brew 3.14The other night one of my guests got an invite to do the ice bucket challenge (not from me) and they decided to do it at our store. Did they accept? Was it cold? Check it out here.   Dan
Video: Family Activities in Korea  Hi Seoul Eats Readers, I am starting to get into video and I have to say it is quite fun. Here is a video on must do family activities in Korea. They are all kid friendly. In the video is everything from dog cafés to baseball games! Dan

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