OK Kitchen Again....

Lunch Course for Nov. 20th was A Seafood plate, Toscana Bean Soup, Homemade Duck Pastrami, Orecchietto with homemade sausage, Dessert, Coffee. The B course is 35,000 (With Wagyu Steak) and A course is 20,000.
The Seafood plate had a Red Snapper cerviche, Yellowfish Tartar and a perfect piece of mackerel. The lime kick on the Red Snapper was exceptional and changed the texture of the fix to give it a bit of bite.
The Yellowfish tartar was almost beefy and the herbs added nice accents.
I love Mackerel and you can see how well they cut it. It's an oily fish, so if it has a strong scent, you know it's not fresh. This one smelled and tasted like the sea.
The Toscana Bean soup was rich and warming, especially in the Fall.
The Duck Pastrami was smoked and had cumin on the outside. The sugared pecans were a bit too much, but the duck was exceptional.
The Orechietto (little ears) with homemade sausage was a great, energizing lunch dish. The sausage was sagey and peppery like it should be.
OK2 Kitchen has amazing bread. I love the cornbread and the tortilla they make. The Foccaccia was luscious as well.

Hmmmm...No, I'm not being paid to do this, I had a guest that saw my posts on OK2 Kitchen so I went to lunch again. I'd be happy to go there everyday.

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