Italian Fine Dining Cooking Class this Saturday from 3:30-6:30pm

Here is a cooking class for those looking to learn how to make authentic Italian Cuisine. I've chef Giangregorio's food at Antonios and it is exceptional. This first class is this Saturday, so be sure to reserve your spot.


Italian Fine Dining Cooking Class this Saturday from 3:30~6:30pm near Sinsa Stn!

Sebastiano Giangregorio's Cooking Academy will hold a cooking class this Saturday.
This Saturday's theme will be wine and course food pairing so please feel free to bring along a bottle of wine to enjoy with your food after DIY cooking!


Warm shrimps marinate with citrus fruit and served with crunchy onion soak in raspberry

First Course
Rigatoni (kind of big Penne) with eggplant, ricotta cheese and bacon with tomato sauce

Main Course
Chicken filet covered by sesame and with Dijone mustard sauce

All professional cooking equipment, tools & ingredients provided.

For location info, please call 010.9029.3094 or look on
Private classes also available upon inquiry.

Spaces are limited and please register at latest by Wednesday, the 28th.

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