"Pass the Soju" by Tra lala

This was a random find that I came across as I was doing some research for a story I was working on. Yes, there is a soju song and it's really funny. It's got factory girls and waitresses and yes, they are cracked out on soju.

So... what was I originally looking for? I was looking for the dancing girl for Socool Soju. It's a brand of soju by 처음처럼 and they have a very sexy dancing girl by the name of You-ee.

You-ee is sexy and she's got an amazing body- very different from the very skinny, elegant girls you often see.

Hmmm...but can she top the Queen of Soju, Lee Hyori?

If you are drinking soju, have you ever had Hyori-ju? It's when you take the picture of Lee Hyori and stick it on the bottom of your shot glass.

It looks like this:

Here is another video with You-ee. wow....

And here is one more Soju song:

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