Reggae Chicken in Hongdae

A person I know named raves about Raggae Chicken and was greatly offended when I didn't include it in my Korean Fried Chicken Story. Now I don't exactly know how I ended up there one night, but I stumbled over there with a few of my friends. So where is it? Hmmmm...I know it's on the opposite side of exit five. You go up on that side of the street and make a left down a side street. I'll try and get better directions later.
It's a hippie looking chicken house and the people who work there all have that rasta thing going on. Oh, btw, I recommend you use the bathroom before you head there- it's a little closet that's pretty rancid.
The disco balls are quite nice.
Here is an interior shot.
My friends. The one on the bottom is Sosun. I'm surprised I was able to take the picture. It was a long night of drinking before we arrived at Reggae Chicken. I believe we arrived around 2am or so.
We started the evening with soju bombs (beer with shots of soju) and finished with Tsingtao.
Here is the chicken. The chicken has a crisp, crumbly breading and the fries are like Texas fries. I remember that the chicken was nicely seasoned and the sauce was excellent. The sauce has a lot of garlic, other seasonings, and red wine dressing.
See...the chicken went pretty fast.
So...we had to order another.

I would highly recommend you check out Reggae Chicken.


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