Photoblog: Gyeonidan's Leo's Del CLOSEDi and Lazy Sue's

Leo's Deli is one of the newest additions to Gyeonidan Road and I think a wonderful one. I don't know how it's possible that the idea of a proper deli is considered a new concept, but it is in Seoul. At Leo's Deli, everything is modifiable and you will get a delicious sandwich that has good bread and good meat.
For 10,000 won you get a large sandwich filled with meat, pickles and a light salad.
I loved the bread and it was toasted perfectly.
Look at the house-made corned beef, saurkraut and cheese.
My friend had a turkey on cibatta with cheddar cheese. Oh, I forgot to mention that you get a few homemade potato chips on the plate as well. Yummy.

Leo’s Deli

Itaewon Dong (Kyung-Lidan)

658 Bonji

Tel 02-749-1210

Lazy Sue isn't lazy. She trained in Japan in how to make desserts and she makes the desserts in her small kitchen daily. She's a very sweet person (pardon the pun) and a great conversationist.
Here you have a walnut brownie. Oh, my rich.
She usually has fresh pies and cakes on display. I try to taste as many as possible. Also, the coffee isn't too bad. It's a cute little cafe to go and have a piece of something sweet and a drink. Her cafe is located on the corner of Gyeonidan.

OH! and if you don't know where Gyeonidan is, just go out exit 2 of Noksopyeong Station and then go through the tunnel to get to the other side of the road. Make a left out of the underground tunnel and take the next right.


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