Small Dish: Fish N Chips in Hongdae

This was sent by a reader^^ I'm always so happy when people send me mail. She said that she found a great Fish N Chips place over by Sangsu Station exit 1.

Thanks M for the email! Great Pictures!

Here's the message:

Hello Dan.

I've been enjoying your blog and was looking for a fish & chips place aside from the Irish pub in Itaewon until I stumbled on this post

We decided to check out Small Dish. I've never been to Wolfhound but the fish & chips at Small Dish were wonderful. Big portion (at least for me) at very reasonable prize. The place is also very small but cozy.

To go there get out at Exit 1 Sangsu Station, turn left & walk straight (walk towards Hongdae University not Hapjeong Station, my friend got confused). Turn left when you see a cozy restaurant (forgot it's name). It's before you get to a book cafe and Snob coffee house on your left. The guy in the picture looks like he's the owner of the place.


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