Yuzu Yuzu Yuzu

If you've been watching this season of the American show Top Chef, you've probably noticed a lot of the dishes made so far use yuzu.

I found myself wondering what yuzu was. Googling yuzu led to the realization that yuzu is actually yuja (유자) of yujacha (유자차).

Maybe I'm one of the last people to figure this out, but I was really surprised.

Largely because when I asked co-workers about yuja (유자) they didn't know of any other use for it than in tea, and maybe occasionally in some sauces. It's labeled pretty vaguely on the yujacha (유자차) jars as "Citron
Tea" in most instances.

I think I was meaning to research it more, but forgot about it in the swirl of my balli balli Korean lifestyle. :)

Apparently it's an ingredient that has been rising in popularity in the kitchen since at least 2003, according the New York Times article behind that hyperlink.

I don't think I've ever had yuzu, or yuja in any dishes in America, but I have had yuja in Korea and wrote about my experience on my personal blog. Click the link to read more about yuja (유자) and yujacha (유자차).

Hope everyone in Korea is enjoying the Autumn weather!

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