Cafe Post: Coffee One Cup in Bukchon

Bukchon is one of my favorite places to hang out at in Seoul. Recently, I was in the area checking out a couple of cooking schools and I came across Coffee Hanjan (커피한잔). It means Coffee 1 cup and it's got strong, artisan hand drip coffee. I think they might even roast it in house because they had the coffee beans and a roasting machine there.
My major gripe about hand drip in Korea is that often the coffee is week. I like my coffee black and not light amber like tea. Here you get a dark cup of coffee. I think I got a Brazilian Dark Roast, but I did also see Guatemala Peasberry and Columbian on the menu.
Here is your barista. It takes about 8 minutes to get your coffee because they do it the right way. If you slowly drip the coffee, you can coax all the flavor out of the beans.
The interior is kitchy.
And there is serve your own bread with strawberry jam and butter. It's done by honor system, so you put the money in the box and serve yourself.
Here's a toy I found outside the front window. I might have had this as a child.
Map of Bukchon from Bukchon72 Guest House

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