Get Your Turkey from US. Military Base: Dragon Hill Lodge

The military base has discontinued this service

The rumors are true. You can order a turkey from the base and then pick it up. Here's a note I got from my friend Erica:

Hey dan,

Just wanted to let you know that you can order turkey on base and they will delived to the gate. Gate 10 is the south gate opposite war memorial. Gate 5 is the north gate (main gate)...for your blog
I ordered two of them last year and it was enough for about 25 people. I would recommend you get some extra sides with it and have a car ready to take your bird home.

Keep in mind that the cost is in DOLLARS, but they will take Korean won. You just need to convert to the right rate.

Happy Eating,


PS. WEIRD, but every time I try to call the number it says that the number is disconnected. I think they temporarily disconnected it for now. Has anyone had any luck? 
My friend just called and placed the order. I think they shut off the phone before 4pm.

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