Got Maison du chocolat or Artisan du Chocolat?

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Here is a letter I received from a reader. Remember, always feel free to send letters. I'll try and answer them as fast as I can. As for this case, I have no idea so I'm hoping one of you might be able to help. The reader is looking for Maison du chocolat and Artisan du Chocolat. They are also looking for Maron Glaces and Medool dates. If anyone knows if you've seen these around, I'd really appreciate it. Here's the letter.

Good afternoon Seoul Eats,

I was wondering if you could help me. I am starting to think about my Christmas shopping list and would appreciate your help in tracking down some items. In return I can inform you what I have found so far.....

To the list...

Chocolates. In Britain I am a big fan of Maison du chocolat and Artisan du Chocolat. Unfortunately, Tokyo has an Artisan du Chocolat but Seoul does not. Where are the best chocolates in Korea? I have hunted down the Fauchon chocolates at Lotte department store and they are good, a cracking truffle. However, they are just selection boxes and ideally I would like a full box of cracking truffles plus other things similar to Charbonnel and Walker Violet and Rose creams.  Good, proper chocolate is what I after here. I am a little suspicious of Belgian chocolate which is often too sweet and so I do have a French leaning here. 

Next up is Maron Glaces. I suspect this may be futile and if I want them I will have to import them myself but it would be good to dodge the delivery fees. 

Lastly, good quality dates. I have seen some sorry looking dates up near the mosque in Itaewon but ideally I am after some big fat Medjool dates. 

Any help with the above would be hugely appreciated. 

For your readers, Grand Hyatt hotel are doing Mince Pies and Christmas puddings in their bakery and begin selling on the 1st of December. 



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