Cooking Classes in Seoul

Hi Dan,

Was looking around the net for information on Seoul eats and dos and found yours for my coming trip, 1st trip. It was very informative. Thanks for all the suggestions and reviews. Should be going to a few of your recommended restaurants.

Also saw this little post on 1-day cooking classes conducted in English. Think it was a schedule of cooking classes through to the end of November conducted by Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine, unfortunately i'll only be arriving on the day the last class starts. Went on to the Institute's site but was all in Korean and my random clicks didnt bring up any course information. Wonder if you know of any other Korean food cooking classes also conducted in English that would be conducted in the week starting 30 November? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance. Have a happy gastronomic weekend!



Dear Gwen,

Thank you so much for your comments. I'm sure that you can sign up for classes on that day. Here's a post I wrote about the institute. 

This page probably doesn't pop up on your web browser because it is a pop-up window and you might have pop-ups blocked. The contact information is on the post and I will also forward your e-mail to the woman in charge of the program.

I hope that helps and if you need any other help, feel free to contact me.


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