Le Quartier Latin, Vin Vino, and things not to mix Glenfiddich with

I'm going to do this blog post in 5 minutes because that's all the time I can spare today. This week, I've been spending as much time as I can with Chef Anna Kim.

Last night we were invited by Chef Eric to his restaurant, Le Quartier Latin. It's in Sinchon down by the big Church. You'll see a big French Flag outside. Great food and ambiance. The mussels were humongous and very tasty. Everything has a wholesome French flavor. I also recommend the French Croissant Sandwich and the quiche. 02 333 9874.

I also went to a soft opening for Vin Vino in Itaewon with Anna and there we met some people from a marketing company called Cubic Plus. At Vin Vino we shared a bottle of red and a bottle of white. The red was a Deepwood Red Zinfindel which had a oaky punch to it. The tapas were also quite nice. I recommend the Lamb Lollipops because you can dip the lamp in mash potatoes and then gravy. Good stuff. Vin Vino will open the first week of December.

The night didn't end there so we then followed this up with a couple bottles of soju at a local izakaya. Then we did Glenfiddich bombs at B-one (I don't recommend mixing Glenfiddich with beer. Silly Korean businessmen, Glenfiddich should be drank straight.) The final stage was at a Jimjilbang. It was a long but fun night.


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