Korean Barbecue Restaurant Recommendations

Often, I am asked to give restaurant recommendations in Seoul. I decided to post that information here as well, so you can also find good eats in the city. Chef Anna Kim's friend specifically asked for some Korean Barbecue restaurants, so here is a short list with contact information.

Dear 김아나,

Here is a list of recommended restaurants for your friend. There are more restaurants on my site www.seouleats.com.

  • Bossam: Gung Jung Bossam has four locations across Seoul, to get to the one featured, take Subway Line 2 to Guro Digital Area, get out exit 3, and walk towards the Colon Science Billie building. Tel: 02.2025.2999
  • Bonga: It's a Korean BBQ with very thinly sliced 우삼겹 (beef with fat layers) and lots of salad and side dishes. The place is called 본가 (Bonga). If you take exit 5 of Hongdae station, turn left before Pascucci, then turn right at the first possible street. The restaurant is on the right side of this street, you need to climb the outside stairs to get to the entrance.
  • Eel at Jangeorang Hongdae. 2F, Samuk Bldg., 6-137, Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 02-333-1455 www.jangarang.com  Lunch Prices: 10-15,000 won per person. Dinner Prices: 15-30,000 won per person. Hours: Open from 10am-11pm everyday. Reservations recommend for large groups. Parking is available.
  • Hongik Sootbul Kalbi, near Hongik University, 82-2-322-4487; 15,000 won a person.
The High End Places:

  • Hankukkwan for raw beef and great bbq: 02-3464-5450

I hope this is helpful for your friend. If he needs someone to join him, I'd be happy to join him for a meal.


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