Tidbits of Zen: Korean Food Links of the day and Overheard

Seoul Eats, Zenkimchi, and Fatmanseoul featured in Jeremy Kressman's story on Gadlings.com

Korean Foodstuff's Fair in Singapore.

Zenkimchi makes a foamy cappuccino in a microwave without a steam wand.

Pretty Autumn pictures from my nemesis.

Molten Lava Persimmon Cake from Gyopowife.

Do you know Madam Kim?

Funny Korean Halloween T-shirt.

I look Korean, but I have the ears of an English speaker so I overheard this while on the subway. The person was talking on his phone. "So this old woman right next me has her elbow right in my crouch. No, she's not elbowing me, I think she's copping a feel."

Have a great day!


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